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Authenticity, discovery, joy, freedom. Live brilliantly through bellydance! Yes I mean it!
Bellydance {aka Raks Sharki) is the most feminine, fierce and radiant journeys you can ever take. The discipline and liberation of bellydance will connect you to your physical, mental and emotional self. 

Gina Gonzalez Schanel
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about me
I am a dance and fitness instructor, performer and a mom. 
I write about bellydance, its lessons, highs, lows, its Masters, motivation and music.

my passion
My passion is the beautiful discovery, freedom and creativity found through dance. 
My goal is to share with you the instruction, insight + inspiration that I've discovered through my passion.
I am passionate about dance and about doing well -- but I'm even more passionate about doing for the right reasons. Once you know what those are you will be unstoppable!!

together we can
Together we can get you to that space where you will consistently access the confidence, technique, strategy needed to make your dance and dance life amazing!  It's time to bring joy to your dance and to yourself.
The most memorable dancers are those that radiate with authenticity. They are honest and treat me like an intelligent audience member. How do they achieve that? What keeps them inspired? And how can we access that same creativity consistently? 
Lets work together or maybe even just start with the newsletter.

Available for workshops and private and semi-privates -- in person or online!

I'm always available to answer questions about bellydance -- free! If I don't know the answer you can bet I'll do my best to direct you to someone who can!

heartfelt gratitude to my teachers and mentors
My dance, massage and (certitifed) fitness training and experience has prepared me to offer you safe, knowledgeable instruction and coaching in technique, expression, discipline, performance prep, culture --along with compassion and understanding. 

I've been fortunate to study with some of the true masters of this dance. 
My discovery path took unexpected twist and turns making the ride ever more exhilirating. 
I started bellydance with Gypsy Caravan, went on to study intensely with Suhaila Salimpour, Rashid (RIP) and Jamila Salimpour. And was a member of the Suhaila Dance Company as well as Bal Anat.
As a life-long student of this dance I continue to seek the invaluable guidance of the great DaVid of Scandinavia.
Through the years I've enjoyed countless hours of workshops and classes with other great and respected leaders in the field of Egyptian and Middle Eastern Dance.

Shimmy Sizzle Pop!


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