The Unsexy Middle

The middle never feels sexy does it? There's a sense of eagerness and excitement that accompanies the start of a new challenge or the victorious completion of a goal. The middle not so much. Yet that is exactly where it all happens.

That's where I find myself today. In the unsexy, unglamorous middle of a short health challenge I chose to take on. I'll also come clean and tell you that I'm coming off of a a few days of "cheating". Cheating is too strong a word really. Let's just say I slightly modified the eating plan; I didn't eat enough protein, took a (minuscule) bite of a cinnamon roll, didn't drink enough water. You know, little things that add up. 
Right around now willpower seems to be lacking. I begin to question why I even started this. But I can't go there. This is no time to change my mind. I mean the "middle" IS the journey. So it has to come down to this:
1) I committed
2) I am seeing progress
3) There is a bigger payoff (physical results, sense of accomplishment, learning and growing experience, + ).
That's it. Finito. No negotiations. I have to keep going.

Oddly enough, or maybe not, I'm not feeling all that bad about not strictly adhering to the diet plan. I've been around long enough to know that succeeding at anything requires scheduling some slack into the plan. Because let's face it, when was the last time you pulled off your big plan exactly as written? Down to the very last detail? For most of us the answer is never.
I've also learned that to have a better chance of seeing something through to the end, accountability is vital. So this is my attempt at accountability for coming out of the middle and through the end of this fitness challenge. I'm putting it out there that I will finish this program by sticking to it for the next three weeks. In three weeks if you ask me about it I will proudly say "Yes I did it!". And even if you don't ask me, I'm pretty sure I'll be feeling good about it.

This is not particularly easy for me to share. I'm a dance and fitness instructor --shouldn't I already be fit? Isn't this stuff supposed to be easy for me? Yes. I mean no. Who cares?! Certified fitness instructor or not I fell off the wagon and if I don't get over my ego and do what needs to be done I'll be miserable and hating life. And that is most certainly not where I want to be now, three weeks from now or ever.

Are you in the "middle" of anything right now? What helps keep you going?

In case you're curious about the program I'm following I'll give you the link -- let me preface the link by saying that this program is very different for me. I realized that at this time, for me, the kick in the pants that I needed was not going to come from dance, running, yoga or pilates alone. So I went to the big boys (literally). I needed to try this for myself: Jim Stoppani, Shortcut to Shred. Feel free to ask me about it.

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