Are you using these 4 super powers? World Domination Summit 2013

Often we hold back from contributing, speaking out, serving, shining or reaching out to others, not because we don't care, but because we feel powerless. For me, World Domination Summit 2013 this past weekend blew that nonsense block right out of the water. World Domination Summit?! Wha...?! 
Trust me, it's not as freaky as it sounds -- it's better. 
wds2013-0386-IMG_6571 It was absolutely impossible to walk away from WDS 2013 not feeling empowered, inspired and called to action. It was a weekend filled with authentic community, ideas, insight and inspiration. Organized by Chris Guillebeau, the man behind The Art of Non-Conformity and The $100 Startup, WDS is a conference attended by a demographic that is hard to pin down. The 3,000 attendees came from all walks of life, all ages and stages but with the commonality of striving to live a "remarkable life in a conventional world". 
Which, you might have guessed, is the theme of the special weekend.
Thank you to Chris Guillebeau and his team for organizing such an incredible weekend. I can't wait for WDS 2014!



Gretchen Rubin (The Happiness Project) spoke about commitment to developing self-knowledge --it's the key to happiness. Remember who you are and let go of who you aren't. A happy life can only be built on the foundation of your true nature, on your own happiness. Build a life around what is true for you.


wds2013-0438-IMG_6855Darren Rowse of ProBlogger reminded us to dream big. 
"Big things that happened to me started as small things first."

At one point he asked us in the audience to turn to someone next to us and share one big dream of ours and to name a small step toward accomplishing it. It was scary, exciting and made me feel so vulnerable yet connected to everyone else in that giant theater. One of my dreams: to help eradicate domestic violence. My first small step toward it: helping women reclaim their bodies, further empowering them to reclaim their life. Phew. That was scary all over again. But there you have it, what do I have to fear? 


Tess Vigeland was the long time journalist and voice of Marketplace Money on NPR. She spoke about how she left her dream career behind without a net. It was the only job she ever wanted, she achieved it, was damn good at it and has recently left it. She doesn't have another cushy job waiting. No new prestigious position anywhere else. She just took the leap. She didn't only speak of vulnerability, she was vulnerability incarnate as she shared her most intimate fears -- WITH 3,000 PEOPLE!! She has a set alright. She will be back, maybe not the same but I am certain she will be remarkable. She already is as far as I'm concerned.
Author Donald Miller closed the conference with an amazing speech and again reminded us "We are not our failures." "You are not your successes either."
"Life is like a blank canvas. What will you paint on it?"
He further urged to know your true self:
1. Who are you?
2. What do you want?
3. What's the first step?

Know who you are and take action: "Great stories happen when we take action. Take action."

wds2013-0963-IMG_9649This was just a miniscule peek at the weekend's celebration of what the human spirit is and what it can accomplish.

Please let me not forget that apart from the amazing speakers, the attendees were incredible, amazing, caring people. I met people from all around the world and made connections that I'll have forever. 

Oh and the dance party that wrapped it all up? Amazeballs. Thanks DJ Prashant!
Thank you Chris Guillebeau & team, looking forward to 2014!

All photos by Armosa Studios.

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