What Is Your One Bellydance Word?

What is the one word you would use to describe what bellydance has given you?
It's tough, I know. Bellydance has given us so much.

My word is Courage. 

I used to think it was Confidence. But that's not quite right. Bellydance has definitely helped my confidence but only because I first found the courage to even attempt to go there.
One of the best gifts my early teachers gave me was the lesson of trusting my body. But it wasn't as easy as it sounds. It rarely is, right? Believe me, it required vast amounts of courage.
Under her relentless commands and directions of endless drills, practices and hours upon hours of rehearsals my teacher taught me that if I did the work, my body would respond in just the right way.  And it did. I did the work, through fear, through doubt and uncertainty. Courage.
My body started to respond slowly. I became a little stronger. Then more flexible. I was able to keep up with choreography. The more my body responded the more I dove into "the work" and the better my body rewarded me. And the more I cultivated the Courage that eventually led to the confidence in believing that , yes, indeed I could do this.
Once I found Courage to move forward in bellydance I couldn't stop it from spilling over into other areas of my life. 

I found Courage to set boundaries. I found Courage to do work that lights me up. Courage to connect. Courage to let my body, mind and heart talk to each other and like it.
I found the Courage to follow my heart, to speak up, to make mistakes, to hurt, to be honest, to let go, to love and be loved.


It's a powerful little word, Courage. The best part? It's always there when I need it.

So, just between you and me, can you tell me these two things --- what is YOUR little bellydance word? And how has it affected you?
Can't wait to read about it in the comments below!


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  1. It's hard to choose just one, but I guess I would say "Happiness." Not that I was never happy before I danced, I was, but dance has brought me a whole new level of happiness, the sort that kind of soaks into all aspects of my life. With other things I enjoyed, I would be happy while I did them and then unhappy when I didn't. With dance, if I'm having an awful day, I can say "Well, it's only 3 hours until dance class, that will cheer me up!" Or I can put on some music that suits my mood and dance it out. I can go look at pretty pictures on Pinterest until I feel better. I can message one of the dear friends I've made through dance and talk about what's bothering me.

    And then there's the happiness when I'm actually dancing, the full-body bliss of being connected to the music and flowing with it, and doing moves that I didn't know I could do. There's nothing else like it!


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