Get Fit: "Bellydance-ified" Lunges

I'm giving you a couple of "bellydance-ified" leg strengthening and toning lunges today.
These are fitness oriented, but because working out is rarely as much fun as dancing, I've bellydance-ified them!

As much as I love bellydance, I'm the first one to say that if you don't strengthen and take care of the muscles that support your dance (your whole body!) then your dance will rarely reach it's full expression.
So here are a couple variations on lunges that you can integrate into your current practice. If you teach feel free to incorporate these into your warm-up segment.

By the way, if you are attending my Sweat & Sparkle Bellydance Bootcamp this year, yes we will be working with these. Get crackin'!

First and foremost is safety. Please do not sacrifice your form for speed, quantities or shimmies. The proper lunge alignment is of most importance. You want to strengthen your body not hurt it.

Safety Tips Before You Start:

  1. Work on a clean, non-slip surface
  2. Always warm-up before exercising.
  3. When in lunge position keep front knee over ankle and come into a 90° angle
  4. Engage lower abs to protect your back
  5. Be aware of your breathing, don't hold your breath!
Take a look, have fun and please let me know how it went. Tell me your thoughts on these in the comments below.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a fitness and strengthening oriented video. This is not a bellydance technique instructional. I have other videos, articles and coursed that address technique.

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