Every Bellydancer Should Know...Mona Said

Taxim (see definition here) has been on my brain lately. In my search to send students a couple of clear videos of what a classic Taxim looks like I came across the wonderful Mona Said. I'm not new to Mona Said but it's been a while.
Seeing her again made me think it's the perfect time to revisit this Master's work.
There is something so simple yet elegant about her dancing. She is understated yet so powerful in how she carries herself.
We've gotten so used to seeing so many bells, whistles, tricks and athletic feats in bellydancing that I figured this was a nice break from all that.

Enjoy the great Mona Said.

Delicious Beledi Taxim

Here she is dancing Assaya

 Do you have a favorite "understated" dancer? Who is s/he? Please share the wealth with us in the blog comments.



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