The Prince That Got Away

{Not a bellydance story. Just a life story.}

Let me tell you a sad little tale. It's about a Prince. Not just any prince but prince as in "the artist formerly known as Prince". Yeah that one. 

Think what you will about him but please understand that I grew up in the 80's/90's and I pretty much think, no, know PRINCE IS AWESOME.

Ok, so I'm eating cake at a party last Sunday and I hear a friend say something about a Prince concert. Cake almost falls out of my mouth. I had NO idea that he was even touring. And you see, Prince is on my very short list of artists I must see before I die. I immediately get on that iPhone to find out about this "concert" that I'm sure someone is making up just to play a cruel joke on me. Guess what I find out? 

It's all true, he's touring, in fact he's playing in Portland that night! I actually happened upon a site where I can get a ticket right then and there -- gotta love my iPhone.
Here's where it turns south.
Instead of acting on it and buying my ticket. I sit on it. I'm thinking, "Well if it's this easy to get tickets then I'm ok, I'll buy it in a few minutes."
Aaaarrrrrgghhh!! Turns out, the concert is in a very small theater, it's been sold out forever and "the artist" himself released only 100 tickets to be sold the day of the show for charity.
I repeat "Aaaarrrrrgghhh!!". I had the ticket in my hand!!
The only thing that helps me now is believing that Prince is no where near the end of his career, so there is hope of seeing him again…I think.

Moral of the story: Know what you want and go for it. Do not hesitate. If you know you want it, you know you're going to do it anyway, what are you waiting for? It or time will pass you by and you'll be left with regrets.
What do you know for sure you want to do and haven't done anything about ? Right now, tell me in the comments.
Tell me what is something you've been wanting to do and how will you get those wheels in motion?
Don't let your Prince get away.

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