Are These Your 5 Dance Rough Spots?

A few weeks ago I sent my mailing list friends a a quick little survey with one question.

What 3 bellydance areas would you most like to learn or enhance?
Practice, Practice, Practice
Here are your top 5 answers:
  1. Technique 70%
  2. Improvisation 63.33%
  3. Choreography 60%
  4. Expression 26.67%
  5. Audience Connection 23.33%
The options were: Musicality, History of Bellydance, Choreography, Technique, Props,, Finger Cymbals, Improvisation, Improve/Grow music library, Audience Connection, Expression -  Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond!

I was surprised to see Technique at the top. I figured with so many classes, teachers and workshops available the need for enhancing technique would be covered by now. But it goes to show us -- there is always room for improvement isn't there? I would have put Expression and Audience Connection at the top as it's what seems to take the most time and/or effort to develop.
Are you surprised at the results? What's your take on these choices? What are your rough spots and how are you working on them? I want to hear from you, tell me in the comments.

PS  Speaking of technique and other things, I'd like to put a bug in your ear about online classes I'll be starting soon. I'm still in the "trial stage" of things now but I'll keep you posted:) Please email me here right now if you are interested: gina@raksgina.com and tell me what evenings work for you.

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  1. It's good to see technique rated high, because it is always a work in progress, and it's important for dancers of all levels, performer or not.

    Audience connection and expression might be rated lower if you have a lot of non-performers on your mailing list. If you never want to dance for an audience, you won't be very concerned with connecting to them :)

    1. Hi SFOF -- nice to hear from you:)

    2. Hi Gina! We're trying to be more social on-line :)


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