This Time Try It With Fresh Eyes

How about this for a novel idea? Let's look at our dance with fresh eyes today shall we? If only for 4 minutes. How about today we dance purely for the joy of it?
Seriously, when was the last time you danced just for the delight and pleasure of it?

No memorizing choreography, no fixing, no cleaning up, no over thinking improvisation. No cardio, no burning calories (which will happen all on it's own anyway). No trying to hit that beat that you miss all the time. No mirrors. No audience, no starting over. None of that.

The only thing to keep in mind is to be safe.
Other than that, this is the deal:
Find a private space.
Pick bellydance appropriate music that you love.
For 4 minutes dance your little heart away. 

Enjoy it. Feel your breath and body move you in whatever way feels amazing. 
Remember, no rules.
Bliss out.

This is your body, your music, your time. 

Have fun and feel free to share how your dance date with yourself went.

Shimmy, Sizzle, Pop!

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