0 to 8k My Way (Off Topic)

If you've been anywhere near my Facebook page lately you know that I ran my first official race last Sunday on St. Patrick's day, the Shamrock Run 2013. Which is kind of odd as I didn't really "race" or run for time and I don't drink green beer. 
The weeks leading up to the race I kept focusing on distance and it wasn't until the morning of the race that it hit me "I'm going to be running alongside thousands of people. Am I going to hate this?!" It took me the first mile to figure out how to navigate my way around. It was tricky as I'm trying the Galloway Method of run/walk combination, but I found my rhythm.
All in all I think it went pretty well and it was fun, which is key. I'm even thinking of doing another one in 3 weeks, Bridge To Brew -- oh yeah, there is no shortage of organized runs, races or beer in Portland, Oregon.
I'll tell you what I will change for next time. My training. I do NOT suggest doing it the way I did it this first time. I trained for about 7 weeks, got lazy and stopped, got sick, got even lazier. And then decided to run the 8k the next day. I got through it and was ok but seriously don't do what I did. 
So on that note, I'm heading off on a run. Thank you for letting me share my latest adventures in exiting my comfort zone!

Do you run? How is your training going? Would love to hear from you.


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