Ready, Set, Dance...Right Now

You know that new idea you have for your next dance performance? The one that's just a faint image and you still need to flesh it out? Well, go do it. 
Quick go do something about it. Take even the tiniest step toward getting it done. Write the idea down. Pick the song. Choose or sketch out a costume for it. Anything, just do it. Choreograph the first 30 seconds.
What's the urgency?
I know what it's like to feel the fog of negativity creep in and surround you. You let the weight of self doubt and self criticism fall over that tiny seed of creative thought that is struggling to grow and it's over. 
Just like that, you'll dismiss that potential choreography or quite possibly a vital piece of your true expression. You just communicated a resounding NO to your muse, inspiration and individuality. Put bluntly, not a good direction for a dancer.

Granted, not every idea we get is a prize winning routine but you don't know how far it can grow until you give it a little nurturing attention. You may end up scrapping it or it may turn out to be your signature performance. At the very least it will serve you as practice. What is key here is that
if you acknowledge and respect your creativity and expression this time, it will be even easier to recognize and articulate the next time and the time after that. And one by one you will slowly build a solid body of work in this dance that you love.

So go, this very minute, take the first step toward exploring that new dance idea you have. In fact I invite you to take that step here in the comments. What song will you use? Describe your costume? What style of dance? 

I'm already excited for you!

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