In reSearch of Raks Sharki…Creatures of Culture

Just one of my observations in my search for Raks Sharki…

Have you noticed that the more bellydance youtube videos you watch from all over the world the easier it is to decipher what country/region the dancers are from? Of course I don't mean every single one specifically but in more general terms. You can watch the first 30 seconds of a performance and get a pretty good idea where they are from.

For example, (in general) dancers from Russia have a very similar quality to their dance, you definitely see the ballet and their interpretation tends to be very strong and assertive. Whereas the South American dancers are still very balletic but with a softer delivery and very flowery -- think: Saida. It's been interesting to see the similarities of dancers within the same region and the differences between regions.

What have your observations been?
Hmm. I wonder what my Hispanic heritage does to my dance....?

Video Link: http://youtu.be/5KOgXb6kKpE

Video Link: http://youtu.be/fdCon8v1DBk


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