In (re)Search of Raks Sharki...

The past year has been such an amazing time of observation, education, experience, meeting amazing dancers and meeting and discussing with Masters. I feel quite fortunate to have had the opportunities to further my study of this dance.

I've come across such gems of finds that it seems selfish to not share them with you. Sometimes the insight comes from teachers in the form of very specific physical instruction that "clicks", sometimes it comes wrapped inside a metaphor for life, sometimes it's still a wide open question. Either way, they are all things and lessons that register with me and they may resonate with you too.
It's true, no matter how many times you've heard it before,
the joy really is in the journey, ---I'm having such an amazing experience as I search, research and refine of my passions, Raks Sharki. I hope you too are finding what you need in your wold of bellydance.

This week's brilliant reminder: 

Resistance & Release, inspired by DaVid of Scandinavia.
Dance is not about barreling through all your movement and getting it done, going full force all the way. There is the effort in the direction you wish to take it in and then let the muscles and the bones find neutral again. Yes you use your trained muscles to move through space, feeling resistance, giving your movement the look and feel of intention and purpose but then you relax, letting your body naturally prepare for the next movement.

Metaphor for life? Me thinks yes. Yes you move with intention, purpose, a plan, a schedule but then you just have to chill.
Trust that you did your work well and go with the flow.

Now you:
Do you practice Resistance & Release in life and in bellydance? Can you pinpoint a bellydance movement where you do?
I invite you to let me know in the comments:)



  1. What a nice way of framing things. In life I tend to be really good at the preparation parts, not so good at the relaxing in the moments parts. I'd love to see someone try to apply this to belly dance in a video.

    1. Thank you Ananke. Yeah -- it's the "shifting gears" that is always the trickiest for me too. The contrast between hard and soft, resistance and release is one my favorite aspects of a good performance. I always look to see how a dancer plays with that.


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