Cover Your (Face) Bases...also good gift ideas

I don't do product reviews too frequently but I like to share the good news when I find something worthwhile. And today it's all about face foundation.

I've lost count on how many different make up foundations I've tried throughout my lifetime. I've gone from the higher end dermatology office/health spa brand to upscale department store varieties to pharmacy around the corner kind. The overall lesson; "you get what you pay for". Recently, however, I've found some really amazing mid-priced products that I love. They're especially helpful if you are looking for something that will stand up to performance sweat, smears and general wear-and-tear.

Nothing like the right tools. 
Luxuriously lovely brushes. These make an excellent gift for performing bellydancers, with Christmas around the corner and all.
1. If you don't get the full set, at the very least get this brush. It truly leaves an airbrush quality result. Sephora Pro Airbrush #55.
Price tag: $35
Find Sephora Brush here.

2. If you can get the set, this is a great deal for what you get. I received this set as a gift and didn't use it for a while. Not realizing, of course, what great brushes they were. Now I use them all the time!
Price tag: $60
Find Sephora Brush Set here.

Everyone cold use a little foundation. Especially if you are performing. Even if you are one of the lucky ones with perfect skin, you could always use a little evening out. And when you see yourself in photos, you'll know what I mean.

3. Full coverage, "Kat VonD Lock-it Tattoo Foundation". This is perfect for heavier coverage and has a great powder finish to it. If you have oily skin, you may need to do a little blotting but not much in the way of re-touching. If you don't have oily skin, you are pretty much set for the whole day (or night). This is very thick and highly pigmented so very little goes a long way. It goes on especially smooth when applied with the brush I mentioned earlier.
Price tag: $35
Find Kat VonD make-up here.

4. For lighter everyday coverage I suggest the Aveda Inner Light Mineral Dual Foundation. You can use it as concealer, foundation or a little finish powder. All depending on application tools used.
Price tag: $24
Find Aveda Mineral Foundation here.

What are your latest finds? 
Happy Shopping!


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