A Happy 2013 To You!

As we're wrapping up 2012 here I'd like to invite you to end the old year and start the new one with a moment of gratitude.

There is nothing like an honest, true, reflective moment of gratitude to help you stop crying about your first world problems, make the abundance that exists in your life perfectly clear, set your priorities straight and get you moving in the right direction. At least for me.

I am deeply grateful for so many things I experienced in 2012. It was a heck of a year.

I moved and left friends and family that I love dearly. I cried. I traveled. I lived with my mother-in-law. I was the newbie student in several dance classes (always a good lesson). I danced. I took a break from teaching. I reconnected with old friends and family. I disconnected with some. I studied with masters. I made new friends. I moved back to my hometown. I skied. I took up running. I bought a real bathing suit (or "baby soup" as my daughter calls it). I'm transitioning into my new house/town/life. I doubted, blamed, forgave, finally moved on and got over myself. I laughed and I loved.

I'm ready for 2013. I'll be giving it my all to make it a year full of even more gratitude, clarity,  creation and love.

I don't know what you are planning for 2013 but I would love to hear about it. Right here in the comments, let me know. I'm always in search of inspiration and ideas.
I do know that I want 2013 to be an amazing year for you. I wish it with all my being.

Much love, thank you for reading and Happy 2013!

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