20 Days To Go! {message to 100 Day Challenge Participants}

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Hello fellow 100 Day Challengers

According to Dr. Martina M. Cartwright, Biomedical Consultant, the most successful New Years resolution makers are the people that are already actively changing their behavior. 

If you're one of our 100 Day Challenge takers -- that's you!! You are more likely to actually accomplish new goals you set for yourself, should you choose to do so, at the start of 2013.

Ok, quick update.
What I've learned -- 100 days is a long time. Especially when you're talking about daily actions. I figured by now, what, day 80? It would be smooth ride. Not necessarily so. Why? Well, I think it was SaraBeth (one of our fellow challenge takers) that brought up "detours" in our discussion forum.

Yep, detours, additions and reconfigurations happen. But I believe all those things are part of this project.

Yes we signed up to get some things done, reach some goals, cross items off our big to do list. And I trust we'll be able to do that (or most of it anyway:). This, however, was also very much an exercise in deciphering what is most important in our lives. A chance to weigh and arrange our priorities. Align our daily outward activities to our internal needs.

There is still time to accomplish everything or mostly everything on your list but if how you "feel" about doing those things has changed -- take that into consideration. Listen to that message. Investigate that resistance. Resistance isn't always a bad thing. Sometimes it's a gentle reminder that you can't force things, situations and people. Explore that feeling, see where it takes you. You may come out the other end with a much clearer vision of goals and ambitions.
As for my list, some of the things I foresaw as difficult actually worked themselves out. For example, my daughter's potty training -- easy! Once she decided, she practically did it on her own. One of the things I thought would be the easiest has turned out to be the toughest: volunteering for a charity organization -- not because I don't want to do it but because I can't seem to get them to call me or write back to me. I'll keep trying.

As for all the things in between, I'll keep working on them. I'm pretty confident they'll get done (sewing, parting with costumes, creating an online choreography, etc).

What about your list? How you doing with that, getting through it? Any new discoveries?

If you didn't participate,  are still reading and are interested in taking a future 100 Day Challenge email me.

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