5 Best Practices For Your Best Video Practice

You already know that capturing your bellydance practice on video is one of the best ways to advance your dance. Yes?
I admit, at first, it's very much a love-hate relationship with your video. You love it because it tells you the truth...you hate it because it tells you the truth. And with such accuracy, ugh.

If you do have changes to make, movement to refine, timing to improve --what better way to have your bellydance practice list spelled out in front of you?

Face it, if you have seriously committed to bellydance, you can spend all the time and money you want on DVD's, classes, workshops but until you've practiced, corrected and solidified all that input -- what is the point?! That is where the camera comes in.

So go get your camera (or borrow one), set up your music. Follow the tips in this video and enjoy the experience of strengthening your chosen craft.

Video link here: http://youtu.be/gXkWLX12Y84
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Do you have other tips and suggestions? Please share.


  1. I like to have a glass of wine before watching my video practices :P I critique right after the video to confirm the "trouble spots" I knew were going on during the dance, but I also like to revisit the video a week or two later and watch again to catch things I might have missed because I was focused on something else.

    1. Hello Nyla,
      Oooh I love it! Especially the wine part:)
      But in all seriousness, watching your video performance a week later would give you a different perspective. It's definitely a good practice.

      Thanks for posting that!


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