What Will You Do In The Last 100 Days?

What is so special about today, Sunday, Sept. 23rd? 
It begins the last 100 days of 2012, that's what.

Listen, these 100 days are going to go right by you anyway, why not make them more meaningful by joining the "100 Day Challenge"?

This is what and how you do it:
  • Write out a list of 12 goals. Little things you've been putting off doing, or bigger things like health and weight goals, dance goals, relationship goals, crafts, writing a book, calling that friend you haven't talked to in years, anything you either want out of the way or better yet dream of doing but haven't had the guts to do yet. Now is your time.

  • Post your list. I know this part may seem a little scary but it's ok, we're all friends:)

That's it! You then live out the final part of the year with intention and on purpose. It's an amazing and inspiring way to end the year and start a new one.
The bonus is that you have now built in accountability, connected with the other 100 Day-ers and had a little fun doing it. 

Come to the page, consider joining the challenge and even if you don't you can still *Like* it. I'm slowly migrating to this new Facebook page so I would greatly appreciate it if you did:)

Have a wonderful day!!

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