Treasure Trove Time...{blast from the past}

Ten years may not sound like much but, when you're talking dance, ten years might as well be a lifetime or two. This blast from the past hit me via a series of videos of the Aywah! troupe. What a sweet find!

Led by the great Katarina Burda, this troupe was known for their varied Silk Road folkloric dances. It's members are now notable heavy hitters such as Zoe Jakes, Mira Betz, Elizabeth StrongMiriam Peretz, Hannah Romanowsky, Rosa Rojas -- and that's just part of the troupe.

Mother Goddess, Bal Anat
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This was right about when my time and Zoe Jakes' time overlapped in the Suhaila Dance Co. Whew, this totally took me back! Good times.

Don't be too surprised if the performances remind you a bit of the Jamila Salimpour directed troupe from the early 1970's, Bal Anat. Katarina Burda was one of the principal dancers, she interpreted the famous "Mask Dance".

You can find all the 21 videos on Katarina Burda's youtube channel. For now enjoy these two and see if you recognize any of these sweet baby faces.
Video link

An adorably amazing drum solo by Mira Betz.
Video link.

It's always so much fun and so educational to see the early influences of many of today's popular performers and instructors. Grab a cup of something good to drink, take some time and enjoy these.

Shimmy, Sizzle, Pop!

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