Red Flags...Gig Ain't Happenin'

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When I get private party inquiry calls with these type of statements it's pretty much a given I'm not taking the gig.

My Top Red Flags
  • My son is turning 21 and...
  • (male voice) It's a small party, just a couple of friends...
  • But dancer X is only charging me $30...

What are your Red Flags?


  1. - I'm planning this huge party, and it's tomorrow night... (seriously? A HUGE party, and you're only NOW getting together entertainment?...I might still take this one if I'm free, but it's a big red mark against it)

    - Contract? Why do you need a contract?

    - I'm putting you on right after/before the stripper... (yeah, I've gotten that one...)

    1. Lol! Those are good ones. I've totally had the stripper one too!!! That's crazy.

  2. Haha! Those are funny (and scary!). Yikes! The pic really pulls it all together.
    Ah, Gina :)
    The only thing better would be a pic of YOU rolling YOUR eyes.


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