Pregnant Bellydancing?

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One day, online, I came across this gorgeous photo of dancer Mira in full bloom pregnancy. It was the most beautiful I have ever seen her, and that's saying something as she's a beautiful woman.

Anyhow, I didn't even think twice of showing it to a friend that was at home with me. Her hesitation to respond at all took me by surprise. No it's not that I'm shallow enough to believe that everyone should agree with me. But to not like anything about this picture?!?! It just did not compute. My friend is certainly allowed to not like it but I have to admit I didn't understand why. Was it a generational thing (she's a bit older)? What was it that made her uncomfortable? Was she against pregnant performers?
Needless to say it was my wake up call that I wasn't surrounded by my dancer friends and community at that instant. It really made me realize how fortunate I am to know so many women to whom this type of thing is not only not offensive but beautiful!

I know not everyone in the bellydance community jumps for joy when they see a pregnant bellydancer perform yet there are so many that do! There are so many of us that celebrate this phase in a woman's life where she can be at her most fierce and her most feminine.
It makes me wonder how you feel about pregnant bellydancing? I have my own thoughts of course. I wouldn't expect to see it at an Egyptian wedding, or a big mainstream venue like America's Got Talent. But I do love seeing it at the right venue and time. Personally I've never performed while noticeably pregnant. For one, my doctors didn't allow it (rough pregnancy) but I felt I had danced in two piece costumes so much previously that I wanted my pregnancy to be my time not showtime.

I've seen plenty of pregnant bellydancing and just about every time there is something extra special about their performances.

 I thank those women that shared those moments with us. I also thank the community that fosters those special moments by being so accepting of one another.

How do you feel about pregnant bellydancer performances? It's ok, I promise. You can tell me the truth.



  1. I also feel a bit confused when people look at a pregnant dancer and turn away like it's something gross. Pregnancy is something to be celebrated, but in the mainstream for some reason it's not.

    I mean, think about how amazing pregnancy is. Billions of research dollars over many, many years have been spent trying to make simple artificial intelligences. So far we haven't even come close to true life. And yet, a woman can make life in 9 months, with no special training required. It's nothing less than beautiful.

    So in my opinion, a woman is absolutely beautiful in pregnancy. The only thing I've heard about why some people may be uncomfortable with it is from my boyfriend - he thinks doing things like belly rolls can be dangerous to the baby.

  2. I enjoy seeing pregnant belly dancers and I am especially impressed when I see them doing drops that I have a hard time doing without a baby throwing my balance off ;)

    And by the way, this is coming from someone who is childfree and easily bothered by things that are too mommy-centric. But when a woman is well into her pregnancy and she's still rockin' the dance moves and doing what she loves, I just feel so happy for her.

  3. I think that if things hadn't ended up the way they did with my son I would have danced even further into my pregnancy and maybe if I am lucky enough to have a second child I'll be a bit more commited to dance. I think it is a celebration and truly wonderful to see a pregnant dancer. I think it is even more impressive to see them dance. Because of how tired you are just growing life inside you.


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