Every Bellydancer Should Know...Finding Your Voice Takes Time (and it's ok)

 "To express what I have to say."

That is the answer many bellydancers give when asked why they dance. But it is not until we actually start moving that we begin to discover what it is that we really want to say. 
You may think you already know what you want to communicate but very rarely is the first thought or idea the complete message.

"There's a big difference between what you set out to make and what you make almost every time." Woody Allen

No. It isn't until you've actually moved, learned, danced, get it wrong, get corrected, revise and do it all over again that your voice becomes audible. The more you connect with your body, your music, your space and your muse the clearer your speech becomes. 
With each layer of movement you learn you peel back a layer of ambiguity. With each dance rule you follow you break a tie to insecurity. With each choreography you pick up you drop a limiting belief. With each law of physics you test against your body you break through an old body image lie.
It is only then that you begin to carve out a pathway for your authentic self to come through and be heard. Only through this commitment is your real message revealed. 
It is only in allowing yourself this gift (continually) that your expression comes in clear and strong. 
Clear and strong enough to share your gift with others. 
And that is your voice. Finally. 



  1. This is a great post... I might need to print it up and keep it in my dance book :)

  2. :) It would be an honor to make it into your dance book:) I bow my head in appreciation. Gracias.


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