10 Question Quickie...Kamrah!

If there is one thing I've learned about Kamrah it's that she likes a challenge! As we speak (read) she is participating in the Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive competition. We wish her the best!
Not only does she teach bellydance but two forms of bellydance. Cabaret appeals to her sparkly side and tribal fusion gives her the freedom to run with her creativity and expression. There is definitely more than meets the eye to this sweet lady based in Tucson, AZ. Learn more about her here:

1. What (and when) first attracted you to Middle Eastern/bellydancing?
I started belly dance just as an exercise routine about 11 years ago. I didn’t know much about it, hadn’t really seen much of it, but the video tapes (yes, VHS tapes) were on sale so I grabbed up a bunch. I fell in love with how fun and how challenging it was. I love a good challenge, and making my body move that way was definitely a challenge. If we want to go with what really made me want to be a dancer, and not just something I did so I didn’t meld into the couch, it would have to be how it makes me feel to express myself through my body through music. I love how dancing makes me feel, and belly dance is definitely a dance of the expression of what we are feeling right at that moment.

2. You perform and teach various styles, what is it about each one that is most attractive to you?
If you’ve met me outside of dance, you know I’m not very girly. So I’m attracted to “cabaret” because it’s sparkly, and feminine, and takes me way out of my comfort zone (there’s that being challenged again). But I feel it connects me back to being a woman, and being feminine, and I love how that makes me feel. Tribal Fusion is more of a way for me to express myself as an artist. I feel that “cabaret” is more traditional, and I try to keep my performances in that style more traditional (while still showing creativity), as much as I am able. But with fusion, I can pretty much do whatever works for the song, the costume, and the style. Even if it’s crazy, or weird, I can do it with fusion, and that appeals to me.

3. You have unlimited funds to design your dream workshop, what 5 teachers (beside yourself *wink*) would your roster include?
Only five?! LOL. There are so many dancers I would love to work with. But I would have to say Asharah (because she is an excellent teacher and is serious about technique, creativity, AND authenticity), Zoe Jakes (because I haven’t had a workshop with her yet and I love her powerful style), Fahtiem (because she’s a classy dancer and lovely to work with), Randa Kamel (because...she’s Randa Kamel!), and Souhair Zaki.

4. What is your favorite behind the "performance" aspect of bellydance?
I actually enjoy doing makeup. I never thought I’d say that, but I find it meditative. I also tend to listen to drag queen music (RuPaul, etc.) in order to help...get in character a little!

5. What/who is your inspiration at the moment?
My husband. He inspires me because he believes in me 120%. He’s my best friend, my biggest fan, and my soul mate. I couldn’t do any of this without his support, and that gives me the freedom to do what I need to do to make my dreams come true.
(Gina here, Let me interject -- a complete and total thumbs up on this!! Her husband, Mr. Jean-Pierre is AMAZING!)
Amanda Rockafellow Photography

6. What has been the biggest challenge you've encountered on your bellydance path?
Being patient. Really, really patient. With myself, with other dancers, and with my body.

7. How has Middle Eastern dance/bellydance changed your life?
Belly dance has changed nearly everything in my life. I went from being a shy, slightly overweight wallflower to a (more or less) fit dancer that can get up on stage and dance in front of over a thousand people. I’m more active, I’m more outgoing, many of my best friends are belly dancers, and I pretty much arrange my life around practicing, classes (taking and teaching), costume-making, and workshops. I listen to music differently, and I enjoy different kinds of music (genres that I would never even have considered listening to in my previous life).

8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years with bellydance?
I’d love to travel and teach workshops around the country (world?). I’d really love to be a full-time dancer, and I’m working towards that goal.

9. What other passions do you enjoy that your bellydance audience might not know about?
Video game addict. It’s fallen by the wayside because of dance, but I still love to sit down and play a good video game. I also never leave home without a book. Ever.

10. Give us some advice. To all bellydancers: what is the biggest DO and the biggest DON'T?
DO ALWAYS practice, grow, try other teachers or styles, take classes, and learn, learn, learn. We only stop learning when we’re dead. And we are dead when we stop learning.

DON’T ever get a big head—no matter how good a dancer you are. Respect other dancers, their opinions, and their art. If you don’t like it, don’t bad-mouth them.

What was the one thing in your bellydance journey, that would have made life easier had you known it earlier on?

I’d have to say that it would have been easier for me if I had realized that taking classes with different teachers would have helped me grow faster. Every teacher is different, and sometimes the way one teacher teaches something helps make it click (NOT saying that one teacher is better than another, just that people explain things differently and one way may work better for one dancer while not for another).

What one word sums up what bellydance means to you?

Amanda Rockafellow Photography

Thank you Kamrah for playing with us!!


  1. I <3 Kamrah. She's an amazing performer and a really nice person to work with.

  2. Love,love love this blog! Kamrah is the best!!!...Ok...one of the best,because there are so many of you out there! But I really love her style,her personna, her way of thinking, you can tell belly dance is in her soul, her core. Watching her dance is an amazing experience! If you ever thought of belly dancing,but never tried it,just watch her once...you'll be signing up for classes! I want to be just like her when I grow up!(As a belly dancer!) Love you Kamrah...thanks for the wonderful gift of you!


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