When Was Your Last SUP?

I did it!
A couple of weeks ago I committed outloud to trying SUP (Stand Up Paddeboarding).  I've been curious about it and figured it would serve to push me beyond my comfort zone. You see water sports aren't exactly my thing. My husband windsurfs and he's happy as ever in the water. My daughter takes to water like a fish in her swim lessons. Me, I'm a little shaky. I prefer my feet dry, bare and on a dance studio floor or a stage.

How it went:
  • I did it. Will I try it again? Yes.
  • COMPLETELY OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE: My legs have not felt that shaky since my first stage performance way back when. It's natural to feel unstable because you're trying to balance on a board on water, makes sense right? But in all honesty, I wasn't just struggling with balance, no I was trembling from nerves and anxiety. 
  • I felt good about going through with it as I promised I would. 
  • It was fun. Once the trembling subsided that is. 
What I got from it:
  • It was an excellent exercise, as an instructor, to remind me how it feels to try something new and scary for the first time. To literally feel the ground under me disappear and not know where the next step is going to land me -- or drop me.
  • Not that I didn't have it before but I have renewed respect and appreciation for the student that decides s/he is going to try bellydance class for the first time, or perform at the recital, or do their first staged gig. Hats off to you.
  • There's nothing like trying something completely out of your comfort zone to feel that blood pumping through your veins and feel alive like no other time.
So now you. When was the last time you felt crazy alive?! What was your last version of a SUP experience? Let me know. I might want to try that next!

Obviously this is NOT me but this is what it looks like
Who knows, maybe once my legs stop shaking
I'll try this next!!

Shimmy, Sizzle, Pop! Gina

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