Remember the ABC's of Bellydance? Let's put this thing to bed!

Holy Procrastination!!! Please help me get this off my TO DO list. 
Remember this little column? For goodness' sake let's get it DONE!!! I know it took a hiatus but I can't just drop it, you and I have to finish this thing. Let's do it.

Let's fill in the remaining letters in one big fat blog post!! It's easy, just come up with a bellydance related term/phrase that begins with the assigned letter.

What's in it for you? You get a $20 gift certificate of your choice between iTunes or Amazon.com. Think about it. Basically that's about 20 more songs for your bellydance music collection that you don't have right now:) All you do is come up with 1 term/phrase for each letter in today's blog post (clarification: of course the previous process applies, winner will be selected from qualifying entries). Alright here we go.
The Gorgeous Oirit Maftsir

O - Orit Maftsir, The beautiful and fanstastic Raks Sharki dancer from Israel. 

P - Posture - Every dance form begins with the correct posture. Yet there isn't just a one correct posture for all forms of bellydance. Just as there are a variety of dance styles, there are also a variety of postures. Let me give you a big tip that not enough dancers take seriously, you ready? "Know your dance and know your posture!" You're welcome:) 
Q - Quarter tones - Middle Eastern music uses tones, half tones and quarter tones. 

R - Raks Sharki - Meaning 'dance of the orient'. It's a term used to describe a more Egyptian style of "bellydancing".

 S -Saidi - Saidi could have various meanings, the term refers to the Said region of Egypt also known as "Upper Egypt" It is used to refer to the people of this region, to a dance style, to music, or a rhythm. 

T -Taksim - Bellydancers usually refer to the slow, improvised, melodious section in their performance routine. The definition of the word: division, partition. In bellydance it's known as improvisation, instrumental solo. 

U -Undulation - There are a various forms and names for this basic movement. Undulation, body wave, snaky spine, belly roll, rolling spine. It could refer to the upper body or include the lower half of the spine.

V -Vibration - A very small and tight shimmy that results in a small muscle vibration 

W -Wahida - A drum rhythm. Listen to a sample here.  See it here. 

X - The X - Step - I know it's a stretch but go with it.   Jamila Salimpour is credited with introducing it to the USA  in her format (that's how I learned it:). See some descriptions and breakdowns here.

Y- Yallah Arabic term means "let's go" or "yeah" used to indicate one is in agreement. 

Z- Zagat - Arabic term for finger cymbals (which are more popularly known as Zills - which is a Turkish term).

Ok, what are yours? Let's seem 'em:)

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  1. Ok! Here goes!

    Omi: An interior hip circle.

    Princess Farhana: belly dancer with a very fun, informative blog.

    Qanoon: Stringed instrument used in Middle Eastern music.

    Rachel Brice: I might have used her for B, too. I make no apologies.

    Sadie: a skilled but controversial dancer.

    Turkish drop: a dramatic move where the dancer suddenly drops into a back bend on her knees.

    Umm Kalthoum: One of the many spellings of the name of the famous singer.

    Vegas: City that hosts several popular belly dance events.

    Wa wa: Arabic pop song that my troupe just performed to.

    Xiq Xaq Xoq: A song that I will never be able to take seriously, because the first time I heard it was as part of a video where the girl was dancing with a gummy snake.

    Yasmina: Arizona dancer who hosts an annual swap meet.

    Zoe Jakes: Influential tribal fusion dancer AND member of Beats Antique.


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