Powerful Dancer + Mastery = Aida Hassan

I'm usually not a huge fan of super literal bellydance performances. But let me tell you if they were all as good as Aida Hassan I might change my mind. She is beyond good. She is a powerhouse of a dancer,  a spectacular performer and the fact that she left me feeling empowered after simply watching her on youtube, to me, is a sign of a true Master.

This performance is so compelling so fierce it makes me proud to be a woman and a bellydancer. And I'd be lying if I said it didn't move me to tears more than once. Yes I've watched this like a thousand times!

Watch this performance. What do you get from it? Let me know your reaction.

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  1. Diar Gina!
    Thank you so much for those kind words you said about me and my dancing. I`m so heartfelt thank you! I love this video of mine most of all! Do you know that on this video i`m on 6th month of pregnancy?)))))
    Aida Hassan
    You can right me if you have any qwestions!


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