Name A Bellydance Style and Its Reps

Clearly it's quite an impossible task to come up with a complete list of bellydance styles as new styles and fusions are created practically every week. But wouldn't it be fun to try?
It's not that I'm stuck on categories, in fact, some of my favorite things in life are uncategorizable. But I'm curious as to what would come up. Also I'm always eager to learn about other/new fusions and styles.

It's easy, here's what you do:
In the comments add a bellydance style (or more) along with 1 or 2 names of the dancer you feel best represents said style.

I'll start:
Egyptian --- Randa Kamal, Aida Hassan
Tribal Fusion --- Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes

American Cabaret --- Ansuya

You can add more names to the styles I've mentioned. Maybe even add who you think are "up-and-coming" dancers?

Ok there are TONS more out there, what are they?


  1. Tribal Fusion has so many different facets to it, with so many different dancers taking it in different directions! Rather than running off a whole list, I'd like to just add Frank Farinaro, because he's one of those male dancers who has his own distinct style instead of looking like a masculine version of a female dancer.

    Other styles:

    American Tribal Style: Fat Chance Belly Dance

    Improv Tribal Style: Unmata, Gypsy Caravan

    Gothic Belly Dance: Tempest, Ariellah

    That's a good start :)

  2. Turkish: Eva Cernik, Didem


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