Don't DO Your Dance, Create It

"You don't DO dance, you create it, you give birth to it." David Badyal

You don't necessarily have had to experience pregnancy, birthing and mothering to see how these two processes share similarities.

A conscientious pregnant woman makes sure that she is taking the utmost care of her body and that the circumstances are ideal while that baby is growing inside her.
A conscientious dancer takes care of her vessel and the circumstances she puts herself in when creating her dance. But the question is, do we really? Are we really being conscientious dancers?

How many of these can you answer yes to?
  • Are you fueling yourself with the nutrition, both physically and mentally, that you need to create your dance? 
  • Are you giving your body and mind downtime to not only recuperate but get re-inspired?
  • Do you inform your dance with  guidance from experts in the field or style you want to master? Do you schedule your practice? If it's not scheduled it's not real. Do you track your progress? Do you reach your goals?
  • Do you research beyond technique and delve into the historical and cultural aspect of your dance?
  • Do you give your dance room and flexibility to grow?

Just like a mom-to-be, you must give your creation every possible chance by setting yourself up with the most ideal circumstances possible within your reach. 

Have you set yourself up to grow your dance from its infancy into a fully matured expression of yourself? 

Share your answer in the comments, I love to hear what's going through your mind!

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