After The Gig...Mmmm Mmmm

I can't possibly be the only one guilty of this. In fact, I know I'm not. I've definitely taken others down with me. 
I can't help it, the best meals are always the ones right after a big gig. Amiright or amiright?
The bigger or the more preparation the gig required the better the calories taste. So the more I order.

I had a gig with two lovely fellow dance-mates (you know who you are). I tell you we couldn't have looked more feminine, more done up after the gig. Prissy? Noooooo. We couldn't wait to dig in to the juiciest, fattiest burger, oh and don't forget the upgrade to the beer battered fries. Could I get more mayo please? Whatta sight. People aren't used to seeing so much make up and false lashes at a brew pub I guess (well that could depend where you live, I suppose).

It's always been that way for me. I don't do it  every single time, usually just after the bigger events. It's like a little mini celebration. It's part of sitting back and enjoying our hard work. It also may have to do with the fact that before a gig I very rarely feel like eating. And if it's a big event, the days leading up to it are so busy that my eating isn't always balanced. So I make up for it after the gig.

Healthy habit? No. Will I stop? Probably not.

Perhaps I could improve on the kinds of foods I eat? Uh right, I'll let you know next time I have a salad after a gig! 

It's my guilty pleasure. What can I say?

How do you decompress or celebrate after your big gigs? Tell me in the comments. 



  1. Oh yes, the first question after any gig is "where are we going to eat?!?" Lunch is a distant memory, I've been sipping water and carefully munching some pita to stave off hunger but not muss my makeup, and I've just danced for an hour straight -- if someone doesn't put food in my belly fast, it gets ugly! I'm not particularly picky about what we eat, but if I'm up in Tempe it's usually either Pita Jungle or the Cornish Pasty Company, and if I'm at Mijana's and my husband is along, it's Jersey Mike's subs, and if I'm in Tucson, it's whatever is close by and still open ;)

    1. That's cool your husband comes with you. It's always more fun to share a meal after a gig:)

  2. Oh, heck yes! Burgers are amazing. Especially if they are the... uh... how do you say it? A Bacon 'n' Beef Bacon Cheeseburger? :)

  3. Chili Relleno Burrito and lots of hot sauce, big ol' glass of wine, bad tv, make-up and hair still done, but wearing sweat pants. And absolutely no talking.


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