ABC's of Bellydance...we did it!

Photo Credit: MiChiMa on Etsy

We did it! We worked our way through the ABC's of Bellydance.

Congratulations and thank you to AJ, for your speedy comment on the last post.
You get a $20 gift cert to iTunes or Amazon you choice. Lemme know:)

What is it?
It's just a fun little glossary of terms or phrases associated with bellydance. The content was contributed by readers and myself. It's not official or exhaustive by any stretch of the imagination but it was a fun little bit.

There has been an interest in co-creating a more "official" glossary. So if you're interested please send your contributions by either commenting on the glossary or emailing me: 
gina @raksgina.com.

Where is it?
You can find it here. If you contributed your name is added at the end of the entry.

Thank you to everyone who played!
Now onto the next project:)

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  1. Yay! I love the idea of expanding it into a more official glossary. I'll have to send in some more entries :)


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