A Walk To Beautiful...Just in case you were feeling sorry for yourself

Heads Up: Not a bellydance topic. Only a humanitarian one.

If you have time to watch a documentary, here is one that will have you thanking your stars for your current situation no matter what you may be going through. Although it is distressing to see so many women suffering it is encouraging to see there are people and organizations working to bring some relief to the situation. 

"A Walk To Beautiful is a powerful story of healing and hope for women in Ethiopia devastated by childbirth injuries." This film has been out for a while, it won an Emmy in 2009. It is just as powerful now.  More info and how to help here. 

Help someone out in the next couple of days and make it a beautiful weekend! 


  1. I am not ashamed to admit that I cried at this movie. It was quietly powerful. I also recommend "As We Forgive". I caught the last half on PBS and it was also amazing: http://asweforgivemovie.com/

    1. Thanks for the link. I haven't seen it yet just the trailer and I read about it. Whew -- INTENSE

  2. This was a great documentary that opened my eyes to O.F. a few years ago. I want to hold a fundraising event to raise money for this cause at one of the Ethiopian restaurants in town. It is heart wrenching indeed, especially when these poor women are ostracized from their communities and families from something that seems so easy to fix but just out of their reach. Thanks for posting this Miss Gina. I hope you Scott and Sabrina are settling into OR. I do miss you and shimmying but enjoy your newsletters and videos.;-) XOXO


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