Rachel Brice Online Classes

In on the latest tribal buzz? You probably are. It's kinda huge. The long awaited Rachel Brice online classes are available!
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She and her fellow teachers from her Datura studio in Portland, Oregon have opened up a library of online classes. You no longer have to wait for workshops to benefit from her instruction. You can catch up with her in just a few clicks.

You'll also meet the other ladies from Datura, here is the line up of instructors:

Rachel Brice, Master Tribal Fusion Teacher and creator of the 8 Elements Approach To Bellydance

Colette Todorov, Tribal Style (see our interview here)

Ashley Lopez, Tribal Fusion

Sedona Soulfire, American Cabaret, Theatrical Bellydance

The prices seem reasonable and the variety is rich. Each class seems to have about a minute long preview so you get a sneak peek at what you are subscribing to or renting. The cost is about $35 a month for unlimited access or you can rent a video at a time.

Check it out. Have fun! Datura Online


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