Kick-In-The-Pants Inspiration: Uncertainty

Between the walk, coffee with Sabrina (she had steamed milk) and observing others discussing what may be important business. Important business in the sense that it's important to them. Not as in business suits, ties and reports --you don't see much of that formality in this town. Anyway, it all reminds me of how day to day it's all about growth and discovery. That is what life is about: learning, growing, exploring, advancing, movement, progress. It's not about winning or perfection -- as cliche as that sounds. I've heard it a million times but it's so true. It's the excitement of the journey or the idea of the collaboration, of the discovery that really motivates and fuels me with energy to take the next step on my path.
It's funny though how uncertainty can either propel you or stop you in your tracks isn't it? I've learned I can either fear uncertainty and truly be afraid of the unknown, which paralyzes me. I can also use uncertainty as my excuse and just be plain lazy -- after all who can blame me, everything is so up in the air for me right now?!! 
Or I can take that uncertainty by the horns, hang on tight and enjoy the ride! I might fall off, scratch that, I will fall off, but what an amazing experience to have!! 
Yeah, I think I'm definitely ready for a little "kick in the pants" inspiration. I'm ready to open myself up to that ol' mistress of the unknown we call uncertainty and give it my best. 
I'm writing this out-loud for accountability. As a symbolic gesture I am committing to trying something new this month. I'm completely stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something totally different and new to me. Have you heard of Stand Up Paddle Boarding? It's you on a surf board and a paddle on the water. Well, when in Rome, right? This may not seem all that adventurous to you but if you only knew how much I HATE cold water. And the river here is COOOOOOOOOLD. I might love it or hate it. Don't know yet but I'll definitely try it.

So yeah. Uncertainty. What will you do with it? will you let it paralyze you, use it as an excuse or use it to make your life richer?
What do you commit to trying this month as your symbolic gesture of your new take on the unknown? 
You know I'm always thrilled to hear your response!

PS It's good to be back:)

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