Is Your Dancing Efficient or Wasteful?

I was on the waterfront watching windsurfers when one particular boardsailor caught my attention. He had to be in his early 50's, tall, lean, muscular and he sported dark, crazy, longish windblown hair that says "yeah i'm beach bum cool". His sailing was beautiful to watch. His board seemed to barely touch the surface of the water as he surged forward harnessing the wind to his advantage. I've seen this stuff before and often --but what was it about this guy? What was so different from the rest? Why can I not look away? Yes his movement and use of equipment was clean and strong but it was more than that. He was efficient. I never thought I'd say this about a windsurfer but he was, simply put, elegant.

I can't ever help but superimpose and compare other athlete's qualities, skills and characteristics to bellydancing.

Efficiency of movement is definitely one of the traits that sets the great dancer apart from the rest in my eyes. The way she or he says exactly what she/he meant to say and nothing else. When a dancer does this successfully they bring power and clarity to their interpretation. There is no extra meaningless noise or busyness to distract from the dance. Rather the authentic dancer shines through with an assuredness that is both difficult to deny and easy to love. 
The windsurfer I admired obviously came from a place of experience. He knew his equipment, the weather conditions, what his body was capable of and seemed to own the river. Likewise, a dancer can know her music, possess technique, express emotion, know the fullness of the dance and own the stage. And just like in my windsurfer story, you wont' be able to look away...

Efficiency. Yet another dance skill to strive for!

In your view, who is an example of an "efficient" dancer?


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  1. Mardi Love! I saw the most amazing video of her a few months ago. The moves she was using were SO basic for the most part, but they were performed perfectly, and went with the music, and she had so much emotional investment. It showed me that dance can be AMAZING without needing to be overly technical. Sometimes simple is what a song needs.

    1. Nice. Do you happen to remember what video? Could you post the link here in the comments? I would love to see it. Mardi Love is pretty awesome, I agree. xo

    2. Oh, sorry... I tried to find the video and I could not :( I can't remember what event she was performing at, or what song, or which of my FB friends posted it! Lame, I know.


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