Bellydance Community vs. Bellydance Scene

One day I told someone I was having an incredibly hard time keeping up with the bellydance community. "So many events, occasions, workshops -- the list is endless!" I said. This very clever master dancer and teacher calmly says to me "Don't confuse the community with the scene."

Aha! Light bulb moment! As a bellydancer, is that the most useful advice or what?! Or at the very least an undoubtedly great reminder of the obvious that we tend to forget when caught up in the race.

Don't confuse Community with Scene, eh?

The online Merriam-Webster dictionary defines these terms as such:

  • Community: a body of persons or nations having common history or common social, economic, and political interests; a likeness, a fellowship
  • Scene: a sphere of activity

Palm to forehead! Of course! How can one little bellydancer be expected to support an entire sphere of activity!! Impossible. Although I have seen many dancers attempt it.

I've seen some dancers support just themselves, some their community, some dip into the scene occasionally --because, face it, as a performer it is important to "be seen". There are always those that try to support the entire scene and some who even try to be the scene. But really, how can one honestly keep up with that?! Honestly being the operative word.

Let's be realistic if you are a dancer striving to improve, express, achieve and enjoy your dance goals you only have so much money, time and juice to give before your own dance endeavors begin to suffer.

It's perfectly fine to not spread yourself too thin and sincerely, honestly and deeply enjoy your true dance community. Even then, remember, there are no hard delineations of a community. You decide what, when and who is right for you.

How do you define your "dance community" and the "dance scene"?


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