A Dictionary A Quote And A Brand...

Who knew Merriam-Webster, LaPorte and Nike held the key to life?
  1. Dictionary definition of Power: ability to act or produce an effect
  2. Quote by Danielle Laporte: "Do what you say you're going to do."
  3. Nike: Just do it.
We all have the power to act. We all have the capability to do what we say we're going to do.  And we can all just do it. 
Bam. There it is. Problem solved. Next.

What do you have the power to act on, right now, to make your dance better, happier, more meaningful? More exciting? 
Perform more often? Get paid more? Dance at the next Hafla? Compete? Dance at a festival? Teach workshops? Travel the world with your dance?

You already have the power. Just decide and do it.

And of course let us know what it is!! I guarantee you are NOT the only one out there contemplating taking that next step. 

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