10 Question Quickie...Dawn Rhys

This column took a little hiatus but we're baaaaack!

If you would like to pay tribute to a notable dance teacher, mentor or highly inspirational fellow dancer that has helped you along your dance journey please contact me. Like I always say, "share the wealth".

Onto this month's fabulous fellow dancer. The gorgeous Dawn Rhys of Imperial Bellydance.

I met Dawn and a few of her lovely troupe members while I was in Florida earlier this year. I had the fortunate experience of catching her energetic AmCab performance at a beautiful little Middle Eastern restaurant called Leilas in West Palm Beach. She is the Owner and award wining Artistic Director of Imperial Bellydance Studio and dance company.

I even took a couple of her classes. Let me tell you she does a wonderfully thorough warm up and drills segment. I love real warm ups!

Onto our interview, shall we?

1. What first attracted you to Middle Eastern/bellydancing?
Bellydance show at Busch Gardens Tampa. I loved the costumes and the music and told my mom I wanted to do that. I was ten.

2. How long have you been studying/involved with this dance? 

Since 1992.

3. Why do you continue to study/refine it? 

I love it and I respect the dance, my students and my audiences.

4. What is most challenging about it? Finding great new music.

5. What is your next goal pertaining to Middle Eastern/bellydance? Learning to play the darbuka.

6. What/who is your inspiration at the moment? 

My dancers. Despite injuries, obligations and the economy they show up and pour their heart and soul into every choreography I throw at them.

7. In the early years where you presented with challenges concerning family and friends or did you have their support? Always had family support, still struggling with boyfriend support.

8. What did Middle Eastern/bellydancing change for you? 
I didn't hurt everytime I left class. :)

9. What is next for you in this dance? Keep getting better.

10. What other hobbies or passions do you enjoy and do you have time for them? Dance is my life and the only thing I really enjoy doing.

Bonus Question:
What (one) word would you use to sum up what Middle Eastern/bellydance means to you? Empowering

Thank you Dawn for your time. It was so lovely to meet you!

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