abc's of bellydance...wanted: M's & N's

It's "ABC's of Bellydance" time! Welcome. This week I'm looking for any bellydance terms that begin with the letter M and N that you can come up with. First let's wrap up the last segment's business.

Last weeks winner: Marcie Vargas! What did she win? She won an autographed copy of Carrie Konyha's "Tribaret Bellydance" DVD! Thanks Marcie Vargas for playing with us!

This week's giveaway: $10 iTunes gift certificate

How to play: 

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In the comment section below, give as many bellydance terms, phrases, concepts, names ideas that begin with the letters M & N.

Onto this week's letters M & N, I'll get it started:

M is for:
Maksoum is an Egyptian rhythm. Watch this GREAT tutorial on the Maksoum/Maqsum Rhythm.

N is for:
Ney/Nay is a wind instrument is commonly heard in Middle Eastern music.

Here is a wonderful example of Nay being played by Reda Bedair.

Ok those are my entries, what are your bellydance M's and N's? Let's hear 'em!


  1. M is for...

    Mira Betz! I adore her. I learned so much and was so inspired when I took the "Mira Mania" workshops at Plaza de Anaya last year.

    Mardi Love, part of The Indigo.

    N is for...

    Niyaz, one of my favorite Middle Eastern bands.

  2. Melaya Leff, a flirtatious folkloric dance using a scarf-like garment as a prop.

    Nebtidi Mnain El Hikaya, the song I danced to for my first solo!


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