abc's of bellydance...{let's see your K & L}

Hello ladies and gents, I'm back with the next segment of ABC's of Bellydance. Let's take care of business before we move onto this weeks letters: 
K & L 
Last weeks winner: 
Annalisa! What did she win? An amazing massage session with the Ms. Amy Breiling, licensed massage therapist. 
I myself had a session with her and it was blissful, just what a massage should be. 

This week's giveaway:
An autographed copy of Carry Konyha's "Tribaret Bellydance" Instructional DVD! It includes techniques & Combos for the versatile dancer.

How to play:
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1. In the comment section below, give as many bellydance terms, phrases, concepts, names ideas that begin with the letters: K & L

That's it! Let's get to it, I'll go first:

K is for:
Khaleegy is a rhythm and dance from the Arabian Gulf. I'm also taking this opportunity to remind you that there is a Khaleegy workshop this weekend in Tempe, AZ. If you are anywhere close, give it some thought and contact the sponsor Amanda Rose here.

L is for:
Luxor is a city in southern Egypt-- also all the Luxor restaurants out there, love 'em or hate 'em eventually you're going to go to a resaurant called "Luxor" and you're going to see bellydancing.

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Alright, what do you have? Let's hear it, add it to the comments to this post for a chance to win an autographed copy of Carrie Konhya's "Tribaret Bellydance", where Cabaret meets Tribal… :)


  1. K *and* L are for tribal fusion dancer Kami Liddle!

    K is also for Khadijah who is teaching the Kahleegi workshops. I met her last time she was in Tempe for workshops and she was really nice!

  2. K is for Kit, as in all the gear you need to bring to class, to performances. Extra sparkles, bindis, make-up, hip scarf, bobby pins, hair spray...

    L is for Lessons. Can't be a belly dancer without 'em! Beginner, advanced, everything in between.

  3. K is for:

    Karim Nagi....who was just in Tucson and is an absolutely amazing Arabic musician great on drums,zills and I'm sure plays the "Kawala" as well!(Arabic reed flute)

    Karislama...Turkish Folkdance,usually danced in a group!

    L is for:

    Lakoum...a Turkish gelatine dessert,but also a turkish bellydance move(could it be a shimmy that makes our belly's look like jello giggling? ;D)

    Lower undulations...which I hope to some day dominate!!!


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