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For most people the topic of a goals, resolutions and a better 2012 is no longer on the table. It is February 5th after all. But to me a better 2012 is only the beginning of a spectacularly better life! Yes I'm excited, can you tell? So I still have plenty to say.
In my quest for clarity, purpose and intention I've decided to add a Mission Statement to the about page of this blog. It doesn't follow a formal format but I don't care much for formality. Take it or leave it.
My commitment to you is to pull out all the stops to make the following happen for you and me:

Authenticity, discovery, joy, freedom - it's time to live brilliantly!

Bellydance {aka Raks Sharki) is the most feminine, fierce and radiant journeys you can ever take. The discipline and liberation of bellydance will connect you to your physical, mental and emotional self. 
Whether your path is one of fitness, curiosity or perfecting your performance skills, the lessons awaiting you will help you emerge refreshed and reinvigorated. Let's go! It's time to reveal that powerful potential within. The promise of dance and of your true self. Do you have time to not live authentically?

It's time to live brilliantly!

Putting a mission statement together is more work than you'd think. And putting it "out there" is even more intimidating. I've taken those first two steps. Thank you for sharing that process with me! (more info on "about" page)

Do you have a mission statement? Are you clear on what your purpose and intentions are for this year? You know I want to hear them!


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