the lovely Zanonda! {our new columnist}

Zanonda is smart, funny, eloquent, sexy, peaceful, fun, flirty, beautiful, has one of the brightest smiles you will ever see and wow can she dance.
One discipline wasn't enough, after she left the Suhaila Dance Co. she was taken under the wing of the much esteemed Madame Carolina Lugo, director of the top rated, award winning Ballet Flamenco company based in the Bay Area. 
Yes, Zanonda can stomp, clap and shimmy her way out of anything. And she does it with that smile. Oh did I tell you she can dance?

She is one of those amazing connections I made through dance. Specifically, we met when we were in the Suhaila Dance Co. We also both worked in the studio, so we spent a lot of time together.

Why am I telling you all this?
I'm excited to announce that she is now a new regular contributor to this blog. Now you too will have the pleasure of getting to know her through her perspective and insight. 

Here is the face to this lovely personality I'm proud to call my friend!
Suhaila Dance Co., San Bernardino, Renaissance Faire

I'm so fortunate to have been surrounded by such great company.

In this photo in from left to right: Lisa, Zanonda, Me (gina), Sabriye Tekbilek, Zoe Jakes (pre-Indigo days), Kelsey H.

Zanonda's first article will be here tomorrow! Keep an eye out for it.

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