a coach? what for?

Today there are so many resources to help you along with your dance {or anything, really} we live in good times. We have classes, DVD's, youtube videos, workshops, troupe mates. All these are excellent people and places to help us progress. Don't, however, underestimate the importance of good old fashioned one on one coaching. I don't mean a private lesson here and there -- those are good too but I'm referring to a coach that can see you from point A to point B, be able to track progress and keep you going. Need more reasons? Look here:
1. A coach can be a confidant. You can tell your coach things you wouldn't tell others, because a coach is trained to understand and be non-judgmental.

2. A coach can help you see your blind spots. Everyone, even the coach, has personal areas that are out of view or awareness until someone points them out. A coach is perfectly poised to perform this critical function.

3. A coach can provide objective feedback. Other people may have agendas. Your coach has your best interests in mind in providing feedback and counsel to you.

4. A coach provides another set of eyes. Even the top performers in the world have coaches to help them see what they themselves can't see.

5. A coach can keep you accountable. Your coach can help you take on more responsibility by having you report weekly on your accomplishments and initiatives.

6. A coach can be a sounding board. Your coach can be another set of ears as you talk about the things that are bothering you. As you hear yourself have a conversation new personal realizations emerge.

7. A coach can be another source of creative ideas. You can brainstorm and try out new ideas, behaviors and mental processes as your coach provides a safe place to experiment.

8. A coach can help you create your vision. Your coach can assist you in developing your plans for success based on your values, personal strengths, background and assets.

9. A coach can help celebrate your successes and be a source of strength when you fail. Your coach can be a supportive and nurturing source of energy.

10. A coach can help you process life. Life is a process and a good coach can assist you in reviewing and reframing what happens in your business, your sports and your life!

Have you ever hired a coach? How did it help you?

The above list courtesy of Bill Cole, MS, MA, more valuable info found at MentalGameCoach.com
Copyright © Bill Cole, MS, MA

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