choreography video + notes for you

Choreography time! 
I've uploaded most of the choreography in various 20 to 40 second segments. This will make it easier to review or learn the sequence of movement. Choreo notes here.

As requested, the video is shot so you see my back -- as you would see in class. I apologize that my video/audio situation wasn't ideal. Truth is I didn't want to wait any longer to get these notes to dancers that have been asking for them.

This choreography is for the song "Mafi Noum" by Najwa Karam, a very popular Lebanese singer. We are talking icon status. This song, as many of hers do, has a dabke rhythm and feel to it, some segments stronger than others.

These are the lyrics to the song:

There's no sleep after today unless it's beside you my love
I wanna go crazy, I won't stop and reach for the stars
(Wela wela wela Swangger) around oh heart

Close your eyes and watch me
I'm gonna show you what your craziness does to me
When you whisper affectionately, you drive me insane
When you touch my hands, you drive me insane
and love goes on and on

Don't you dare be away from me
I miss you when you're away
Stay close to me so I smell your clothes
You own my soul, heart and eyes

For choreography video and notes go the "choreography notes" page. You can click on it here or go to the tab at the top of this page.

Please keep me posted on how it goes, let me know if you have questions. Better yet send me your video of you dancing it!!

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