the burning question

Sharing the wealth is a huge part of why I have this website. Lately I've come across an abundance of wealth in the form of information, education and inspiration on some incredible blogs.
Some of my new "virtual" friends are dancers some are not.

Today I share something from the amazing Danielle LaPorte, not a bellydancer, but this woman is on fire!! Yes she's got some woo-woo to her but she wears the hell out of it.

I will be participating in her series 'The Burning Question' --you can too (click here)! She throws a question out there and you answer it on Facebook or your blog. Thing is, she asks some really great questions…this week's question: 
What's one dumb thing you used to believe in?

I used to believe that one had to sacrifice to be a good person. That one had to live life completely for others and not the self. Wow! Was there an entire education waiting for me on the other side of that belief. It was a tough transition as I was getting fed the self-sacrifice line from every which side; people around me, the very double standard side of my hispanic culture, certain religious beliefs. It was everywhere. I'm not blaming outside forces I realize I'm the one that bought into it.

I no longer believe that. I've learned that I am of no service to anyone whatsoever without first knowing who I am and allowing myself to be happy and fulfilled by following my heart. Without that I am empty, disconnected and bitter. How is that a good thing? How does that set me up to give to others? No, I am sure now that I must follow my own path AND allow others to follow theirs. Only then can we expect any goodness at all from and to ourselves and others.

What about you? Are you ready to answer the burning question?

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