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A while ago we started a very well received fun little challenge/game series, do you recall? It was the "ABC's of Bellydance". For whatever reason I stopped at letter D. Well, that's in the past and today pick up where we left off. 

So onto letters E & F!  Get your thinking caps on, you can be as original, playful and sentimental as you want. 
The final result of our fun glossary (along with contributor names) will be published somewhere on this site when we've gone through the entire Alphabet.

Here's a quick recap of how to participate: 

1. In the comments section, give your 2-4 word, names, phrases or concepts related to bellydance. The words must start with the assigned letters (E & F this week).

2. Some weeks {hopefully most or all} will include fun prizes. The winner is randomly selected from entries that contribute 3 or more words.

3. This weeks winner will get a lovely pair of earrings hand crafted by our friend AJ of ErtheFae Designs! {ErtheFae -- E & F -- that worked out nicely didn't it?}
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(winner will receive pair of earrings on the left)

This week is brought to you by the letters 
E & F
My contribution: 
Egypt - Misr in Arabic, Masr in Egyptian Arabic, this is the country that gave us the glammed up Raks Sharki, and many of the regional folk dancer we now include in our bellydance today. Many would argue that Egypt gave birth to bellydance itself. Sadly it is also a country experiencing much political turmoil currently. 

Eman Zaki - A very sought after Egyptian costume designer, see her designs here. 

By the way, I'll selling an Eman Zaki costume in white/silver - if interested let me know. 

Farida Fahmy- a beautiful and very famous dancer, principal member of the Mahmoud Reda troupe. She was married to Ali Reda (Mahmoud Reda's brother). Farida is most certainly an important figure in the history of bellydance. Learn more about her here.

Fallahi - also Fellahi, Falaahii, an upper Egypt rhythm. Info on rhythms here. 

Alright, it's your turn! What bellydance terms can you come up with that begin with E and F?


  1. Ehab Tawfik
    Finger Cymbals

    Was I also supposed to contribute background information?

    1. Hi A!
      Background info only if you want to. Thanks for your E & F!

  2. Emotion -- A key ingredient to any belly dance performance! Show the audience what you feel!

    Fringe -- Love it or hate it, an element in many costumes. Made out of strands of beads, yarn or string, chain, etc!

    Oh wait, I can't enter the contest, I'm sponsoring it. Tee hee! Glad we could do this, Gina :)

    1. I'm so glad too -- thanks so much.
      Oh and thank you for your E & F!

  3. Exterior hip circles - bigger and more skeletal than interior

    Fairuz - beautiful and famous Lebanese singer

    Figure 8s - down to up, up to down, front to back, back to front, horizontal or vertical with the chest, too... they're pretty versatile!

    Falafel - fried ball of chick pea flour. Only tangentially related to bellydance I guess, but I've eaten falafel while watching bellydance at Middle Eastern restaurants many times!

    :) Jenn Johnson

    1. Hi Jenn :)
      Thank you. Yep I'd say falafel counts. Bellydance is how I was introduced to falafel, so I get it.


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