abc's of bellydance...gimme your I's & J's

Looking for your best I & J's! 

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How to play:
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1. In the comment section below, give as many bellydance terms, phrases, concepts, names ideas that begin with the letters: I & J
That's it! Let's get to it, I'll go first:

I is for:

Indigo - as in 'The Indigo' the tribal fusion bellydance company founded by Rachel Brice. Although, I have to say I haven't heard much from them lately, anyone know what's up?

J is for:
Jamila Salimpour - I know, this one is almost like cheating it's so obvious. Jamila is Suhaila Salimpour's mother -- Jamila has played a principal part in bringing bellydance, bellydance classes and structured format to the west coast!!

Ok kids, let's go, let's see what you have for I & J!!
Thank you for playing.



  1. Hmmm... I's are hard! But here goes:

    I... Inside eights...figure 8's drawing a figure eight inwards, towards your tummy.

    I... (me)...what makes belly dance unique! Going into myself and bringing out my inner core,my life experiences and interpreting that in my dancing!

    Jairk...fast Nubian rhythm,often used in modern day Arabic pop music.

    Jawaahir...jewelry in Arabic...all those accesories that complete our costumes!

  2. I wonder if The Indigo is on hold while Rachel Brice focuses on her studio and 8 Elements? I sure did enjoy seeing them as part of Le Serpent Rouge here in town :)


    Interior Hip Circle, a nice tight hip movement.

    Inspiration, that spark that leads to new ideas for solos, group choreography, costumes, jewelry and more!

    Improvisational Tribal Style, group tribal dancing consisting of a collection of moves and cues which the dancers use to create spontaneous dancing awesomeness.


    Jamila Lotus, one of the belly dance troupes that performs at the Renaissance Faire.

    Jill Parker, influential Tribal Fusion belly dancer.


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