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It's ABC time and I need your best G and H words! 

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The lovely hand crafted Hamsa earrings made by AJ Reardon of ErtheFae Designs go to Jenn Johnson.
Thank you AJ for the earrings and thank you Jenn for playing!
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This week's letters:   G & H
How to play:  
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1. In the comment section below, give as many bellydance terms, phrases, concepts, names ideas that begin with the letters: G & H
That's it! Let's get to it, I'll go first:

G is for:
Glute squeezes -- muscle contraction and release, a key element of the format made famous by world famous bellydancer Suhaila Salimpour

Ghawazi -- a group of female dancers of the Nawari people of Egypt, many of the. In the Ghawazi dance you will find many of the fundamental movement used in Raks Sharki.

H is for:

Hamsa -- a hand shaped amulet. It is thought to protect against the 'evil eye' and is popular motif in bothe Jewish and Middle Eastern jewelry. 

Hakim -- an incredibly popular Egyptian singer. The first person from an Arab country to perform at a Nobel Peace Prize event. The name Hakim means wise or ruler.

Thank you so much for playing!
Looking forward to your G's and H's.


  1. Congratulations, Jenn!

    G is for...

    Gina, the host of this blog ;)

    Graceful arms and hands, the mark of a beautiful dancer.

    Ghazaal Beledi, the troupe of dancers and musicians who perform at our AZ Renaissance Faire and many other events across the state!

    H is for...

    Hair garden, the look adopted by many tribal dancers to make sure their hair is as ornate as the rest of their costuming.

    Haggalah shimmy, a shimmy variation that I still don't entirely get and probably spelled wrong.

  2. H is for
    (1)Habibi for all the beloved and darling and adorable women that enjoy bellydancing!!! we love it so much that we can´t wait to participate in the next
    (2)Hafla!!! (social gathering centered around bellydancing and of course food) and while we are at it... maybe we can get some
    (3)Henna (plant used for temporary artistic tatoos) on our hands and arms?

    For H:

    We loooove to move our
    (4) Hips!!! like true egyptians...and drop some jaws with our sharp and clean hip drops..hip twists, hip locks, hip figure 8 and mark the beat of the
    (5)Goblet drum (a hand drum with a goblet shape used mostly in the Middle East, North Africa, and Eastern Europe)... speaking of Eastern Europe, did you know that the English term
    (6)Gypsy comes from the Greek word for "Egyptian" (Aigyptioi), in modern Greek gifti, however, 'gypsy' is considered derogatory by many members of the Roma community...

  3. G...
    Glass beads, what adorn many of our beautiful costumes.
    Gauntlets, one of many options for arm coverings/decorations.

    Haifa Wehbe, a beautiful Lebanese singer.
    Hamza el Din, an amazing singer. He does one of my favorite versions ever of "Lamma Bada Yatasana".

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  5. G is for:
    Gallabiya...typical outfit of Egypt mostly worn by men, although women wear it as well (but known better as 'Baladi' dress for women). Worn as everyday attire specially for the rural lifestyles.Long dress type robe,as costume it's worn by men performing the stick dance or musicians. (Dawn would be proud of me for studying my costumes ;D )

    Goddess...Gina's nickname!; ) Bringing out our sensuality,passion and womanhood through belly dance brings out the goddesses in all of us. This term usually relates to the art of belly dancing because myths claim belly dance to have originated amongst ancient goddesses or performed in worship of them.

    H is for:
    Haik... Moroccan article of clothing; long piece of fabric, which is wrapped around the body and fasted in place at the shoulders. Like what is used to cover up your costume before a performance.

    Head slides, head rolls (from Zaar or Guedra trance dance).



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