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sonoran hot dogs, so beautiful I could cry
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It's a new year in a new place with a new routine. It's a whole new life. As usual, my overly optimistic side thought by now I'd have it all sorted out and that I would come at you with a ton of shiny new posts with all sorts of bellydance info. I still plan on doing so but with all the current transitions I need a little place to share all the "other" things going down behind or in place of bellydance. After all isn't real life what fuels our dance? So this is my safe little corner where I share how and if I'm coping with all things new. Right now, more specifically, all things West Palm Beach and not Tucson.

We've only been here a couple of weeks and we don't even have our own place yet (staying at in-laws) so it really isn't fair to complain, not yet anyway. I do, however, miss some very basic things. Mostly people but there are also some pretty irreplaceable Tucson things I miss.
dance troupe
class students
sky, oh there is nothing like Tucson sky
Tucson daylight
the fact that there are a million places I can get "papel picado"
sonoran hot dog stands
sonoran tortillas
food city chips and salsa
tres leches cake under $30

There would be A LOT more food items on that list but I'm doing a "cleanse".  Perhaps tmi? Deal with it, I'm cranky. Haven't had a taco in weeks. It's been even longer since I've seen a margarita. Mmmm, salt rim, lime slice...mariachi in the background...sigh. The only green in my glass is from spinach these days.
There are good things about my new temporary home of course but I'm not in that head space right now. I'll share those with you another time.

How are your new year changes going?


  1. Aw, I'm sorry it's taking more time to adjust than you'd hoped, Gina. If it makes you feel any better, your list helped me to have more gratitude for the things around me that I have a tendency to take for granted. Especially the sky; it is amazing here.

    I'll be sending good vibes your way. If I could figure out a way to package the sunshine, I'd send that too.

    1. Hi Emma! Good to hear from you. It does make me feel better thank you for saying that: ) I'm sure that with a bit more time I'll adjust and there will be things about West Palm Beach that I'll love and probably miss when it's time for part 2 of our move later this year to Oregon - ha ha! It's really beautiful here, I'll be posting some of the good stuff soon.
      PS your message was sunshine enough - thanks: )

  2. Funny... when I moved to Tucson, the first thing I missed was the food from back home too. :)

    And don't worry about adjusting. It takes longer than you'd think it would. But once you relax into your new surroundings, I'm sure you'll love it!

    1. Hey sweet lady! Yes food is key isn't it? My biggest food issue right now is the "cleanse". I can't even enjoy the good stuff here, oranges, cuban food, etc. It won't last forever though. Just a few more weeks and I know it will be completely worth it!
      It's pretty sweet here, I know it's going to be great. It totally helps to connect with y'all. Thanks for the comment!
      Happy dancing dollface!


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