Let yourself have an AMAZING 2012!

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Happy day 1 of an amazing 2012 to you!

It's that time again. We say goodbye to the past year and welcome in a new one with gusto! If we let ourselves that is. So let's do it, let's let ourselves enjoy the newness of 2012. Take in the freshness of our new calendar year and really focus on the things that are important. Of course that means letting go of things that are unimportant. Sometimes distinguishing between the two alone can be a job. So take it easy on yourself. Give yourself the space and time to figure it out, feel it out. And when you feel you have a handle on it THAT'S when you make your move, you just go for it. You just do it. No more excuses.

What things are important to me? Wow, where do I start? Let's see:

  • family & friends: my daughter's development, strengthen family and friend bonds and ties
  • wellness: clean eating, strong body, down time
  • dance: dive into a new community and keep contact with the one I just moved away from
  • personal growth & skills: cooking, italian language, photography, writing, networking, blogging, crafting
  • exploration & fun: travel, new movement classes, explore my new (temp) home Florida
My list may seem a little vague but I don't want to bore you with every single specific detail. Let's just say  I'm starting the year off with a nice robust list of TO DO's. 
Yes I want to be able to check off every item. Will it be easy? Most likely not. Remember, however, I've only listed the things that are important and can only make my 2012 better or maybe even amazing! So how can I go wrong, right?

What is your focus for 2012? I'd really LOVE to hear it!
 I look forward to sharing our successes and our failures together throughout the year. Oh yes, there will be both. Just accept it, it's part of personal growth. Oh look at that, we can already check that off of our "personal growth TO DO" list. See, doesn't it feel good?



  1. Mine is all about wellness - eating well, being active (hiking here I come!), and taking care of myself emotionally.

    That last one is key, because I experienced a lot more stress last year than I had to. My life centered around academic competition. All I really needed to do was to look around at all the amazing people and friends I met this past year to realize how lucky I really am, and that there are more important things in life than work alone!

    Have an awesome 2012 Gina!

  2. I want to save money so I can stay at vome once my commitment to the USAF is up next year. I want to be a strong enough woman to raise my son while my husband is deployed. I want to run a half marathon. I want to get my photography biz off the ground. I have two photography projects i am working on and i want to take dance more seriously.

  3. Hi Gina, Happy New Year!! I hope it's a year of happiness, fulfillment and dreams come true for you! Thanks for your visits and kind words in 2012. xo – g


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