A few 2011 loose ends...

It's not that I don't want to let go of 2011. I'm simply playing catch up. I owe this to people. Who doesn't like to see pictures of the events they danced in right?

So I'm including a couple of teaser photos and the links to more photos. The events included are "December Open Stage" and "End of Session Class Party". Enjoy!

My last Luxor Open Stage, December 2011
A year ago I started hosting Open Stage Nights at the Luxor -- I loved every minute of it! Open Stage Nights will go on without me. The plan is that the troupe I left behind, Safar Dance Co, will be sharing the responsibilities from January 2012 onward.
Here is a little peek at that fantabulous evening. Below these pics you will find the link to the full collection. There are over a hundred photos, so grab a drink, get comfy and click away.

Clockwise starting upper Left: Brandye & Jolie, Safar Dance Co., Ryan & Briana, Marjani & Group
To view the entire collection of photos please click here.

End of Session Class Party
In Fall 2011 I ran a class aimed at current and upcoming professional performers. We discussed theory, shared our experiences -- the good, the bad and the ugly. There was homework involved each week. Some easy and dare I say fun some a bit nerve-wracking. It was all toward the great end of becoming one with our dance.
Here is a little peek at our lovely little affair. Again, below the pics you will find the link to the full collection.
Clockwise from upper left: Barbara performing, Massage Therapy, Good Eats, Friends Chatting

Clockwise from upper left: Rebecca performing, my lovely friend Dora always helping with Sabrina, Laura sharing her GORGEOUS collage homework, a beautiful student collage piece

Clockwise from upper left: audience, collage, Brooke sharing her work, collage
To view the full collection click here : )

I'm looking forward to sending many more bellydance pics your way!

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